Dr. Yin Hong

  • Independent Non-executive Director

Mr. Yin Hong (尹紅, alias: Yin Hong (尹鴻)) has been appointed as an independent non-executive Director of the Company on October 28, 2020. Mr. Yin has been serving as a professor of Tsinghua University (清華大學) since 1999. Between December 1984 and August 1986, Mr. Yin served as a teaching assistant of Sichuan University (四川大學). Between September 1989 and August 1999, Mr. Yin served in Beijing Normal University (北京師範大學) with his last position as a professor. Mr. Yin is a well-known film theorist, critic, and planner in China. He has served as a consultant, producer, and art director for a number of film and television works, and concurrently assumes many important positions within several national associations and societies including the vice chairman of the China Literature and Art Critics Association (中國文藝評論家協會) and the vice chairman of the China Film Association (中國電影家協會).

Mr. Yin obtained the bachelor degree in Chinese language and the master degree in modern Chinese literature from Sichuan University (四川大學) in 1982 and 1984, respectively, and the doctoral degree in modern Chinese literature from Beijing Normal University (北京師範大學) in 1989. Mr. Yin received the Special Government Allowances of the State Council (國務院政府特殊津貼) from the State Council of the PRC in 2010 and was awarded the Top Ten Film Workers of Beijing (北京十佳電影工作者) by departments including Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau (北京市人力資源和社會保障局), Beijing Federation of Literary and Art Circles (北京市文學藝術界聯合會) and Beijing Television Artists Association (北京電視藝術家協會) in 2013.