Mr. Wang Hua

  • Independent Non-executive Director

Mr. Wang Hua (汪華) has been appointed as an independent non-executive Director of the Company on August 22, 2018, effective in January 2019.

Mr. Wang is the founder of and currently serves as a managing partner in the investment department of Sinovation Ventures (創新工場), an established Chinese technology-savvy investment firm. Mr. Wang has extensive experience in capital investment and information technology industry. He founded Shanghai Yinda Technology Co., Ltd. (上海音達科技集團有限公司), a company providing technical solutions to telecommunication carriers and equipment providers. Between September 2006 and October 2009, Mr. Wang served as the strategic partner manager in Google China.

Mr. Wang received a bachelor’s degree in automation from Shanghai University of Electric Power (上海電力大學) in Shanghai, the PRC in July 1999 and a master’s degree of business administration from Stanford University in California, the United States in June 2006.